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***This is not an official NA approved site. It has been produced to help any addict in their search  for recovery, through Narcotics Anonymous. It is filled with personal experience and opinion.***

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This page was last updated on: March 4, 2006
Support the fight against AIDS
Support the fight against AIDS
  After a few years of having this site open, it has taken on a life of it's own. The local area we formerly represented has become it's own official Area of Narcotics Anonymous. It has become apparent that this site must not be construed as being affiliated in any way , except in spirit, with the local Area and its' service structure. The LakeportNA site will continue to bring the interested NA member as much information and humor as ever. While some of this information may seem irreverant or even in "violation" of the rules-of-the-day (NA du jour), we hope that it only serves to increase the bond between each member and the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. Our hope is that every addict may find the joy of recovery that has been so graciously gifted to us.
                                                                                              PEACE OUT !
Who Said There's No Musts In NA ??
Who Is An Addict
What Is The NA Program
Why Are We Here
Narcotics Anonymous Readings
Basic History Page
Count Your Days Clean
Lake County Meetings
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Official Narcotics Anonymous Links
Lake County Area Web Page
World Services of Narcotics Anonymous
Literature Page
Lots of information on the origins of NA and of the Basic Text. . Also a special page devoted to the "Baby Blue".
Pictures of early editions of NA literature.
Just type in your clean date and instant compute.
Here's the 48 "musts" as outlined in the Basic Text.
Northern California Region Web Page
The Basic Text....3rd Edition Revised    
  (w/ the original 4th & 9th traditions)
Information Pamphlets
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Lake County NA Events
Concepts or Con-Saps??
Here's a great essay to get you in the mood for some      Con-troversy....taken from New Attitudes in Alaska.
...and for the SERIOUS NA member...
How To Save NA
Join The NA Police
Becoming A Circuit Speaker I.P.
The Grey Book
The NA Step Working Guides
Rent - A - Sponsor
The Basic Text.....5th Edition