Narcotics Anonymous
This page is dedicated to the preservation of NA history. Some of the material represented may seem controversial and provocative. Please keep in mind that the history of anything is built by the work of many and re-told only within the perspective of a few. The links and information below give fairly accurate representations and are either copies of original documentation or written by those who were there. For many of us, Narcotics Anonymous is much more than an organization we belong to. It has become our family and a way of life. To not know from whence we came may doom us to either repeat the errors of the past or stray too far from the original purpose to help one another. There is a profound awakening that comes from understanding the dedication with which so many members have worked through the years. Most grateful thanks to all.
Original Draft vs. 5th Edition Basic Text. Excellent comparison of original draft sent to all groups and the current edition. Word for word documentation, no judgement.
History of NA, Letter by Jody R.  This is a long letter written by a member who was working on the original text. It has a lot of excellent information but beware, it is extremely scathing of certain people and service bodies of NA. This is one person's perspective. It is always a good idea to obtain several opinions before making a judgement. I suggest you read Bob Stone's book( another perspective), "My Years With Narcotics Anonymous", before going to war
The NA Press. This page is full of interesting documents and analysis of NA. Original "Tree of Service", 4th and 9th traditions, simple Basic Text printing history, etc...Their motto of "providing materials that are not available through normal sources" says it all. This site will make you think!!!
NA Way of Life. This is the home page for this " work -in -progress" literature project. The baby of the original organizer/writer of the Basic Text, Bo S, it's filled with everything you could want to know about life in recovery the "NA Way". This is not a WSO sanctioned project and is being written"by the fellowship and for the fellowship". Can download this well worded text. Also possible to help work/edit on project. Doesn't seem like much input West of Georgia, though.
The Baby Blue Page. A compilation of the best material on the infamous ' Baby Blue " version of the Basic Text. Pictures, letters and court documents that give you a pretty good idea of what the commotion was all about ( or is?).
Original Draft of Basic Text. Here is the draft version sent to the fellowship for approval in 1981.  Many groups used this as a text for a year or two. This is a long file and it's a download so hang in there.
NArchives. This is the site begun by the late Greg P., whose contributions to the fellowship from 1971 to 1999 are too many to tell. This page has it all. History, documents, original drafts, even audio files. You can spend hours here. A virtual NA library.
The Literature Page.....check out pictures of early NA literature !!!!!
History of NA Literature.... Copied from Wild Bill (long version). This is an easy to read and well wrtten piece that includes real documentation. Well worth the time to read it. Focuses on the Basic Text story/controversy. This piece has all the makings of a movie script....intrigue, mystery,betrayal,power....too bad it happened in NA.
The Short Version....The Basic Text Story. This is the annotated version. For those of you who have other things to do. Read this and you'll want more.